INTRIX Services Specialized for BtoB Digital Communication

Communication methods are diversifying as the area of digital utilization in BtoB companies continues to expand. At INTRIX, our experts in various fields provide comprehensive support for all digital applications to maximize the potential value of our customers. We offer a variety of services to solve customers' problems from a holistic viewpoint.

Three Essential Perspectives on Digital Communication

Services by INTRIX Digital Communication Overview

Overall Strategy Planning/Project Management Office(PMO)/Accompanied Support Digital Communication Design Creative Production Digital Communication Platform Design and Development

INTRIX's strength lies in its ability to provide comprehensive support, from strategic planning that overviews the entire business, project implementation according to the customer's digital utilization stage, to creative productions such as design and videos that deliver the value and attractiveness of the company to the target audience, and the design/construction of marketing platforms focusing on optimal operation.
In addition to websites, we also have expertise in all areas of digital communication, including SNS, dealer portals, and intranets, providing holistic support for digital communication that can be applied globally.

What INTRIX Offers

  • Global Websites Restructuring

    We define each website role and design ideal global websites structure

    • Global Websites Research / Medium- to Long-term Strategic Planning
    • Global Websites Development and Deployment
    • Global Governance Promotion
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Planning and Promotion

    We promote digital marketing services from the perspectives of strategy, creativity, and technology.

    • Digital Marketing Strategy Planning and Promotion
    • Data Analysis
    • Marketing Automation (MA) Implementation and Accompanying Operation Support
    • Inbound Marketing
  • Total Project Management

    We take an overview and long-term perspective of the projects and lead the project from resource management to execution.

    • General Picture Organization
    • Total Project management and PMO
    • RFP Creation and Vendor Selection Support
    • Education
  • Marketing Platform Planning and Development

    We plan and build marketing system infrastructures that consider flexibility, high operational continuity and extensibility.

    • Web System Research
    • Marketing System Planning /Execution Plan Formulation
    • Marketing System Implementation(CMS/PIM/DAM/MA/SFA)
  • Creative Design

    We propose and realize intrinsic design appeals that visually express corporate philosophy and ideas.

    • Creative Concept Formulation
    • Visual Design
    • Photography/Filming
    • Graphic Design Planning and Production
  • Website Production and Operation

    We offer one-stop service from strategy, creative to technoogy to enhance BtoB digital communication

    • Research and Strategy Planning
    • Requirement Definition
    • Website Production
    • CMS and System Development
    • Website Operation Support
  • BtoB Content Production

    From branding to marketing, we create the contents that your BtoB business needs from scratch.

    • Content Strategy Planning
    • Content Planning and Production
    • Owned Media Design and Operation
    • Existing Media Digitalization
  • Business System/Intranet Development and Improvement

    We build and renovate systems, including UI improvements to fully utilize the company's information systems.

    • Business System UI Improvement
    • Intranet Design
    • Dealer Portal Development


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