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RESEARCH, STRATEGY, PLANNINGForming a corporate-wide web strategy

You may want to optimize your website to develop your business, but not know where to start. B2B companies’ websites tend to have complex structures. They often consist of a corporate site, regional sites and subsidiary sites, numbering dozens or hundreds of websites under one umbrella. It can be challenging to oversee, assess and reform the entire corporate web structure.
INTRIX will comprehensively assess your corporate websites and work with you to envision an ideal web system for your corporation.

Case Studies
  • Software ecosystem analysis (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
  • Medical database application prototype development (Elsevier Japan, K.K.)

ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, DEVELOPMENTCreating websites leveraging online features

Unlike other media, websites have no limits on the amount of information they can provide, making them ideal for B2B companies with extensive product and technical information. Publishing various materials and catalogs previously kept within the company online may unexpectedly attract new customers.
However, such valuable resources may not be fully utilized if the contents are merely transferred to the website, without taking advantage of various online features.
We will sort out all available resources in your company and develop easy-to-understand contents using the most appropriate user interface, thus, create websites that enhance your business performance.

Case Studies
  • Medical database application prototype development (Elsevier Japan, K.K.)
  • Global site design and development (DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD.)
  • Product page development of ShuttlePix digital microscope (NIKON CORPORATION)
  • Re-development of the crane ground pressure simulation (Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd.)

OPERATIONS / MAINTENANCEMaintaining and improving website quality

Even the best websites will become out-of-date without careful operation and maintenance on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, keeping it up-to-date requires cost and human resources. We provide a variety of options to help you establish website operation policies and structures to keep maintenance costs and workload down.

Case Studies
  • Facilitation of the world-wide webmaster meeting (KONICA MINOLTA, INC.)
  • Guidebook development support for Hitachi group webmasters (Hitachi, Ltd.)