INTRIX — A Shining Example of an Ideal Workplace

ゆるやか広報班 編集部
In retrospect, making a decision to work at INTRIX was a mixture of exhilaration, anxiety and a bit of dilemma. There went an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty across my mind. I was well aware of the fact that I would be the only (and the very first) foreign staff member if I’d proceed straight to accept the job offer from INTRIX, a company that supports Japan’s B2B industry for their global marketing through digital communication. The further did I take steps of the three-time interviews, the more I had a positive impression on the work culture here. Such prominent value and intent to embrace diversity helped me decide on going forward with the offer. Pushed by the work contents as well, I finally made up my mind. And now that I have realized -- I could not have come to a better decision.

  1. 社員の気質:一緒に働く仲間たちの異文化理解について。皆がフレンドリーでオープン、異なる国や文化・価値観を受容し合い楽しむ環境です。
  2. 仕事環境:自分の意見をきちんと述べる機会がある、ワークライフバランスの管理ができる、未経験でも教えてもらいながら仕事を学べる。クールなリフレッシュスペースもある…… など、快適・充実のオフィスライフを送っています。
  3. 仕事内容:イントリックスが行うデジタルコミュニケーション、アナリストの業務とやりがいなどを中心にお伝えします。

INTRIX has several distinguishing features of its work culture. Regardless of what you are doing or how big the company you are in, people around you play the crucial and vital role to determine whether you and your company are a good mutual match or not, I firmly believe. Let me highlight some of those characteristic features of this excellent stage.

1. People from Diverse Employment Backgrounds: Embracing Differences in Cultures, Values and Nationalities

INTRIX has a strong proactive climate of embracing differences. Here are people from diverse employment backgrounds, which imply a variety of career paths and values. Despite different previous job roles, values or nationalities, that is why anyone new can promptly adapt to our workplace even if you do not have prior experience in digital marketing.

Previously, I was working as a system engineer for financial systems for two years. So, I had to start everything from zero as marketing analyst, the newly given position at INTRIX. Before joining here, I deemed it my biggest challenge. Fortunately, in an amazing twist, I got amiable support and help from my surroundings and not for a moment have I felt like an outcast from day one.

The colleagues are affable and have a forward-looking attitude towards accepting diversity. The fact that I am not a native Japanese somewhat creates a language barrier while being in an open discussion or a business meeting. However, everyone has a great understanding of the differences I have, or I might have for being an expat worker. Plus, sometimes I am given the chance to express my opinions in English. As an exception to the norm, I have been asked to write this article in English so that I can express my thoughts and experiences to the full.

2. Flexible Working Conditions: Openness in Communication and a Supportive Environment for Learning

Supportive work environment/culture must be a key factor that influences employee satisfaction. I assure it upholds motivation for work regardless of the size of the company or business you are involved in. INTRIX provides pretty, comfortable, friendly, positive and flexible conditions. Every staff member is open to hearing your opinions and that makes you feel a valuable part of the company. Needless to say, such atmosphere gets obviously reflected on work performance and motivation for work surprisingly increases. Be it in a meeting or at a company gathering, everyone is eager to listen to you.

Another remarkable trait of our work environment is, sustainability of a healthy work-life balance. As I would like to have my personal life besides work, that is absolutely an important part. I am so happy that I can effectively manage both sides of my own. People around me also seem to maintain a healthy work-life balance which is unfortunately quite rare in Japanese work culture.
The flexibility of INTRIX’s attendance management allows employees to adjust working hours based on convenience; neither hard nor fast rules for what time you come to the office. There are three patterns of working hours and you can always choose one according to your needs. Being productive and efficient is what the company ethos pushes for. Thus, you will deal with your work-life balance easily and harmoniously.

Considers nurturing employees, INTRIX provides rich training programs to bring about development at work. I did obtain several opportunities to have immensely helped me learn more about work and the culture of INTRIX. Above all else you will acquire a better skill mostly through real work meaningful and exceedingly, I think — that helps learn fast and adapt to changing work contents. Since all the colleagues are genial, even though you are a novice, you get to learn from them rather than solely doing it on your own.

Refresh Space

Refresh Space

The Night View

The Night View from Our Office

The physical work environment is attractive as well. There is a cool free space with a massage chair and lots of books including the latest publications of Harvard Business Review. What a nice place to relax! In addition, the mesmerizing view from the office tower overlooking Shinagawa at night is an eye soother.

3. Compelling Work Contents: Global Marketing for Japan’s B2B Companies and Digital Communication

One of the main reasons I chose INTRIX is work contents covering a wide range of work from restructuring and redesigning global websites for multi-national corporations to developing websites for various business divisions. We help Japan’s B2B companies expand their global presence through digital communication. This includes several patterns of work such as marketing research, website design, development and operation, and system planning and development. Let’s assume that a Japanese B2B company ‘A’ has a huge overseas business. For them to reach their target customers, they should own a website different from the conventional [Japanese] one. Typically, there are two kinds of websites: global website which promotes branding and is expected to be accessed by customers from all over the world; and local website which is specifically targeting the local customers. Building those websites requires refined marketing research to reach each of their target audience. That marketing research is performed by our Strategy Department. After the Strategy Department finalizes the approach and trend of contents, Web Integration Department designs and builds the website and the Technology Department handles IT systems and related issues.

I am assigned to the Strategy Department. My main task, which is so enjoyable to me, is concentrated on various types of marketing researches. It requires strong logical thinking and to go through the diverse sources (e.g. journals, articles, business reviews and IR news). I always search for information through English issues like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Economists, The Financial Times, etc., for the purpose of researches. The most interesting part is, this mission is NOT all about data gathering.
You need to collect data and make logical deductions to figure out customer needs and trends, then have a feasible approach that fits the business strategy of the customer. Every day I become amazed watching how smartly and promptly other members make logical deductions out of limited information. In a nutshell, the job of marketing analyst demands creativity — actually, no hard/fast rules to make a set of research and analysis. Again, you have the right to choose an approach that fits you the best whenever you perform researches. By gathering various information and making logical deductions, ultimately you can figure out the customer needs and trends of their behavioral changes in terms of actions on the internet.

From my little experience, I can say that it is difficult for a foreign worker to find a perfectly matched company in Japan, because there cannot be inevitable a huge gap between expectation and reality once you join. After joining INTRIX, never have I regretted even for a moment. The company members, culture along with contents and nature of work are almost perfect for me. If you are interested in and learning about marketing for B2B companies; want to challenge yourself as a digital marketing analyst, to design and produce visionary websites, or to engage in system planning and development; INTRIX is the excellent place for you.